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Knowing my process could change their entire essay-writing experience.

In my own words, let me tell you why this is an absolutely can't-miss course if your teen wants to attend a UC campus next year.


Craft Compelling Essays to Complete Your UC Application

In this course, your teen is certain to complete their UC essays (PIQs) and feel confident about their work.

Comprehensive Content

In 22 lessons over 6 modules, Robert breaks down the task into essential bites -- with no busy work.

Proven Strategies

Robert shares techniques that work, including his unique Essay Outlining Elements method.

Expert Perspective

Your instructor Robert is an experienced college counselor who knows exactly what works best for the PIQ essays.

There are two ways to join this course.

Some students will want to succeed with the DIY course. Others will want Robert's support and feedback along the way.


Move fast. Get what you need. 

DIY Course: 

  • 22 straightforward lessons over 6 modules.
  • Students learn the techniques they need to write compelling PIQ essays.
  • Includes video instruction, handouts, templates, and brief assignments.
  • None of the busywork.
  • Bonuses: (1) "UC Essays that Worked" example essays from Robert's former students, and (2) an extra module just for transfer students.

*Made to be accessible in price point and medium.

**Have a question for Robert before you sign up? Book a brief call here.

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"DIY Plus" Course: 

  • ALL the benefits of the DIY course
  • Three private counseling hours with Robert.
  • Individual essay feedback and final edits.
  • Students have the option to purchase additional counseling hours.

*To purchase DIY Plus, see the option at to add counseling hours at checkout.

**Have a question for Robert before you sign up? Book a brief call here.

Work with Robert in DIY Plus!


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UC Blog Series

Hi, I'm Robert! I'm your

college admissions expert.

Most people finished their college applications years ago and said "never again!" Well, I'm the opposite.

I help teens take on their college apps every year because it's so rewarding to be a part of their journey of growth and success.

Whether you sign up for the DIY course or DIY Plus, your teen is going to be motivated to do their best when they see how invested I am in their success -- and they'll be energized when they see how excited I am to talk to them about college admissions and college essays.

Reach out to me directly with any of your questions: [email protected]

Robert Powers (B.A./M.A. Johns Hopkins)
Founder, College Counselor, College Torch

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