It's the new big question in testing!
The answer is different for everyone.
This straightforward course helps you 
consider different testing plans
and decide the best one for yourself.

Learn whether YOU should take the SAT/ACT!

Test-optional admissions policies mean you may not need to take the SAT/ACT.

In the "To Test or Not" course, Robert will guide you to make decisions using your own individual context, such as your GPA, four-year course plan, diagnostic test score, and personal circumstances.


Here's what you'll accomplish in this course:

Decide Whether to Test

Robert teaches you everything you need to know about test-optional policies and then helps you decide whether taking a test is the best choice for YOUR situation.

Choose SAT or ACT

If you take the test, you'll only take one. Robert will help you understand the big differences between the tests and then show you how to choose between them.

Set a Goal Score

And more! Including bonus content that helps you choose an SAT/ACT study plan and keep updated about test-optional admissions in the future.

Course benefits: 

  • 2 on-demand modules where Robert breaks down test-optional admissions and SAT/ACT testing strategy
  • 1 bonus module where Robert helps you approach test prep and gives test-optional admissions updates
  • PDF resources, including notes, comparison tables, and more

The course fee is only $27. (That's less than half the cost of registering for the SAT!)


Learn what's best for you: To Test - or Not?

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Robert Powers (B.A./M.A. Johns Hopkins)
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 This one choice
makes a big difference.


For just $27, Robert can help you make the right plan. 

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